I suspect false flag is the way to bet on this one

... but regardless of who is behind it and their motives, I hope they are caught and imprisoned.  It is in everyone's interest to keep this fight political.

In other news: quite a lot of things have been blowing up, derailing, or otherwise being rather menacing lately.  I'm beginning to wonder if the authorities are deliberately keeping the T word under wraps.

UPDATE: Sabastian thinks it was just someone being stupid, rather than a deliberate false-flag.  While he has a point about millions of people who feel strongly about the issue having the potential for someone to be that stupid, I have trouble believing that someone stupid enough to think this would help the gun rights cause would also be smart enough to make a batch of poison.  I mean, the *stupid* gun rights advocate would just shoot someone, right?  If they are smart enough to realize that shooting an anti-gun target doesn't help, they're smart enough to realize that poisoning the same target also doesn't help.

Our side generally doesn't have people that stupid.

That doesn't mean I think it's an anti-gun false flag, though.  It could be that, or it could be any number of other causes who just want to disrupt things and figure that it would be fun to watch another round of "let's you and him fight". 

I'll also point out that the substance tested positive in "initial" tests, and that the content of the letters "is believed" to involve the gun control debate.  There have been a LOT of poisoned letters lately, and I think taking them all at face value is a mistake.

UPDATE: A convincing argument that this was more about media attention than malicious intent.

UPDATE: The investigation appears to have a suspect.  No updates on motivations or what evidence points to this individual.

UPDATE: The plot thickens.  It looks like the real motivation here is a husband-wife fight of some kind, both blaming the other for sending the letters.  The police first arrested the husband, but now they have arrested his wife.  However the whole thing gets sorted out, I was right to call it a false-flag.  It appears to have nothing to do with gun control.

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