Iris scans for school buses?

I confess I'm not terribly worked up about the iris scan itself, which was conducted on students without parental permission.  The lack of parental permission is, of course, bad, and the loss of control over the data is unfortunate for those affected by it, but really: it's a picture of your eye.  The odds of it coming back to haunt you are low.  Which isn't to say I wouldn't be pissed if it was done to one of my kids.

What boggles my mind is that someone thinks iris scans to get on to a school bus is a reasonable security measure.  What exactly is the security threat that demands iris scans?  Why not give the kids a student ID with a picture and, perhaps, an RFID tag or magnetic stripe?  Are people using fake or stolen ids to board school buses now?  Can those people not be recognized by the drivers as not belonging on the bus?

The mind boggles.

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