Beretta responds to Maryland gun control legislation

I say "responds" because they aren't able to move out of Maryland at the signature of a gun control law, but they will be looking at other states where they can expand production. (UPDATE: More details here)

On the one hand, it's good for industries to move to states that will appreciate them rather than regulate them out of existence.  On the other hand, each state we abandon to the anti-gun forces of darkness -- each state that loses its positive gun culture -- is most likely permanently lost, and that too has consequences.

The state-level gun control push that the Obama administration has been engaged in following the failure of its national agenda is going to -- in fact, already has -- resulted in many court challenges on Second Amendment and other grounds.  We have a narrow majority on the Supreme Court, and we have been slowly using the court system to expand gun rights into traditionally anti-gun states. 

Take, for example, Illinois -- the last state in the nation to have no concealed carry laws at all.  Their complete ban on self-defense was struck down by the federal courts.  Their state legislature has been struggling to find a law that will pass both political and Constitutional muster.  That's a tremendous opening to bring the gun culture back to Illinois, but it will come to little if gun owners cannot become a political force there. 

Our advantage in the courts will be short-lived if Democrats can drive us out of enough blue states to make winning national elections impossible.  We're already at risk if Obama has the chance to replace any of the Heller 5. 

We need to be cautious about cheering companies leaving states that fall to the enemy.  Yes, moving manufacturers out of an anti-gun state can punish that state economically for passing gun control, and that threat can help us politically elsewhere.  But make no mistake, it is still a retreat, and it costs us influence in the states we abandon.

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