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The two "rogue low-level employees" turn out to be four employees who were just following their bosses' orders while targeting almost 500 organizations.  In at least one case, groups paid $400 to "fast track" the process without actually being fast-tracked.  There are credible charges that information from Romney's tax information was leaked during the campaign.  The head of the office in charge of this can of worms was Sarah Hall Ingram, who seems to have received more than $100,000 in bonuses (in addition to $175,000 in salary) during the relevant period.  Oh, and those bonuses would have had to be approved at the Presidential level, and she's now in charge of Obamacare.

UPDATE: A smoking email?

UPDATE: Reason magazine has a good summary of the situation.

UPDATE: Obama's counsel was told weeks ago, which contradicts his claim to have only learned about the scandal from the newsHouse Democrats are demanding more resignations.

UPDATE: No ordinary scandalIt started at the top.

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