So, I was discussing gun control with a family member recently...

... and they brought up a recent incident where a two-year-old child was shot by her five-year-old brother.  Quite frankly, this infuriates me.  It's bad enough when it's the media or a politician; it's much worse coming from someone close to you.  The implication of bringing up accidental deaths of children in a gun control debate is obvious: "If you cared about dead children, you would change your position."

I do care about children, and I don't want them dead any more than the next more.  But I didn't shoot them.  It wasn't one of my guns that was left where a child could find it and shoot their sibling or themselves.  I wish that didn't happen, and it's a tragedy when it does.

But I also understand statistics.

The truth is, more kids get killed by swimming pools than guns by a whole order of magnitude.  For children younger than 10 years of age, dying by gunshot is literally more than a one-in-a-million chance.  2/3rds of those are shot by adult criminals, people who are not allowed to legally own guns already. 

Being a legal gun owner is remarkably safe, even before you consider the lives saved by firearms used in self-defense.  It's not perfectly safe, because nothing is perfectly safe.  Accidents will always happen.

Blaming responsible gun owners for accidents they had nothing to do with is nothing more than emotional blackmail.  It offends me to my core, and I won't stand for it.

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