10 years, huh?

Borepatch is congratulating The Smallest Minority on his blog turning 10 years old.  That's nice, though Kevin hasn't been blogging much lately, he certainly make his mark with a propensity for lengthy uberposts.

But since we're comparing blog ages here, I thought I would point out some of my first posts.  That sure is a blast from the distant past, isn't it?  But we're still facing many of the same issues today.

Almost as interesting, though, is the number 8608.  That's the database ID assigned automatically to this post.  Why is it interesting?  Well, the blog assigns a new database ID to each post when I write it, and it happens to assign those IDs in sequential order.  Which means I've written roughly eight thousand blog posts in the almost 11 years I've been writing this blog.

That's a lot.  No wonder my fingers are tired.

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