Doctors abusing their patients' privacy by asking about guns

The AP headlines this story as doctors having the right to discuss gun safety.  Of course they have a First Amendment right to discuss gun safety, just like anyone else does.  The real story goes a bit further than that, though

It turns out the Massachusetts Medical Society adopted a policy on gun violence which encourages reviewing gun safety as part of "preventative care" (even though gun safety has literally nothing to do with the practice of medicine, and doctors are not experts on gun safety), allows the society to promote and support state legislative efforts on gun control (a non-medical policy decision which would seem to fall outside the organization's purpose and expertise), and to work with other organizations to support national gun control.

I don't object to medical professionals having opinions about guns, but I do object to doctors abusing their positions of presumed authority, whether as inappropriate questions asked during doctor-patient consultations or political propaganda abusing the appeal to authority fallacy.

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