[Name and address redacted] was charged by Watertown police on Wednesday afternoon at Samaritan Medical Center with two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony.

Police said he illegally possessed a Bushmaster assault weapon and a CMMG rifle when they were found at his home on Saturday. He was held at the Metro-Jefferson Public Safety Building pending arraignment.
There are a lot of caveats necessary in reporting on this story.  We don't know why the police were at his home, or whether the person was a prohibited person (and thus the firearms would have been confiscated whether they are "assault" or not).   (The fact that he was charged at a medical center suggests perhaps he was injured while resisting arrest?) I presume that the name of the city is not the same Watertown that saw a lot of news recently with the Marathon Bomber incident.

I do think it's worth noting a case where police do seem, at first glance, to have entered this person's home and confiscated his firearms with no other charges offered.

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