Another opinion poll on the outcome of the gun control votes

A plurality of Americans -- 47 percent -- say they are either "angry" or "disappointed" with the Senate's action on gun legislation, far different from the amount of people who strongly approved the proposal before the vote. Meanwhile, 39 percent say they are "relieved" or "happy" about the vote.
The above poll is totally useless to anyone who actually wants to understand reality beyond the basic point that "90% of Americans" aren't outraged that gun control failed.  Consider:

Obviously, they intend for people who support gun control to be "angry or disappointed" about the vote, and people who oppose gun control to be "relieved or happy".

But as a gun owner and human rights advocate, I'm disappointed that the issue even came up for a vote, and angry that the government and the media have spent almost 5 months demonizing people for exercising their constitutional rights.

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