Evolution in action

In the middle of that night listening to the Boston police scanner, I evolved.

I realized right then that if I were holed up in my house while a cold-blooded terrorist roamed my neighborhood, I wouldn't want to be a sitting duck with only a deadbolt lock between me and an armed intruder. There are not enough police and they cannot come to my rescue quickly enough. They carry guns to protect themselves, not me. I knew at that instant if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showed up at my door while I was "sheltered-in-place" and aimed a gun at my head and only one of us would live, I could pull the trigger.
Self-defense is not only a human right, it is a moral imperative.  To refuse to defend yourself effectively means you depend on others putting themselves in danger to save you. Conversely, if you defend yourself successfully, you may well save the next person's life.
I'm shopping for guns this week. I've been told a 12-gauge shotgun is a good choice for home protection, but I'm open to suggestions.
Well, my first piece of advice would be to stop taking suggestions about firearms -- or anything else, really -- from Joe Biden.  While a 12-guage shotgun isn't a bad choice, you might want to take one out to a shooting range and make sure you can handle it first.  (This applies to any firearm you might purchase, not just shotguns -- but shotguns are the ones that end up in youtube videos).  You would do well to consider a handgun or the modern militia rifle, the AR-15, as well. 

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