New York revokes gun license for man previously taking anti-anxiety medication

Note: They did not revoke his license because he did something wrong, or because he was currently taking medication, they looked into his medical records somehow and revoked it based on his past history.  He was presumed guilty, given no chance to confront the witnesses against him, no chance to argue his case to a judge, no jury trial, no due process of law.  For a decision that renders a fundamental right recognized by the Supreme Court inoperative.

I do not think the Supreme Court will allow this to stand.  It's one thing to provide for limiting someone's right once they have proven themselves dangerous or incompetent and received a fair trial, and quite another to claim you can limit that right based on having taken a prescription medication.  Yes, some of the mentally ill are dangerous.  They still deserve due process of law.

There's already a challenge in the works.

Hat tip to Saysuncle.

UPDATE: More details.

UPDATE: Police backing off, pointing fingers at each other.

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