Democrats seek to remove the Tiahrt Amendment

As every politically active gun owner should know, the Tiahrt Amendment is regularly attached to Congressional spending authorization legislation, and prohibits the BATFE and other agencies from spending money maintaining a gun registry, disseminating existing gun trace information to anyone other than law enforcement, and going after gun dealers whose legally sold guns are later used in crime.

If we lose this amendment, we probably won't notice at first -- but future efforts at imposing gun control will be much more effective, and the number of gun dealers will shrink rapidly as the BATFE is enabled to harass them for operating their business legally.

Your Senators and Representatives need to know to oppose this.

The actual letter complete with signatures is available in PDF format.  Hat tip to Protein Wisdom.  (NOTE: This is an older post that got delayed for a bit because other things were more pressing.  I'm posting it now as a reminder that we need to keep our eyes open for sneaky stuff as well as frontal assaults).

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