OSHA discourages reporting of vaccine side effects

Just The NewsThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tacitly encouraging employers to hide "adverse reactions" from COVID-19 vaccines, even as 80 million private workers face jab-or-job decisions due to an impending federal mandate that OSHA has fast-tracked under rarely used, special emergency powers.

The Department of Labor's pledge Monday to publish an "emergency temporary standard" on COVID vaccine mandates "in the coming days" threatens to worsen the skewed picture federal regulators have been getting from employers for five months.

So, if you're keeping track... the vaccines (yes, all of them) are available only under emergency use authorization, which means you can't sue the manufacturer if you experience dangerous side effects. If those side effects include death, your family can't sue either. In theory, vaccine-related side effects are supposed to be reported to VAERS, but many medical staff don't bother -- or are actively prevented from doing so.

We're rapidly coming up on a significant deadline. If your employer employs more than 100 people, all of those people must be vaccinated under an OSHA rule that is so far unpublished. If you are in the military, you must be vaccinated, or they will kick you out of the service, quite possibly with a dishonorable discharge (which is roughly the same as a felony conviction). If your business wants federal contracts, all employees must also be vaccinated. But none of those vaccine injuries will be reported to OSHA.

Battles over medical and religious exemptions are being fought in court already.

And people are not fooled, as in just one example 9000 NYC workers have been placed on unpaid leave rather than take the vaccine.

Unless, of course, you're a congressperson, or work for one. They are exempt. So are federal government employees (not contractors) who have a big labor union.

The Democrats have calculated that this will punish their enemies. What they don't understand is that there are literally millions of people in this country who are either being forced to take an unsafe vaccine they did not want to take in order to keep their job, or losing their job instead of taking that same vaccine, or being forced to enter costly litigation to try to keep their job without taking the vaccine.

Many of those people used to be Democrats.

What is the chance any of them are going to vote Democrat now?

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