"Assault weapons" at the firing range

Bob Owens explains why semiautomatic firearms are safe and useful on the firing range, and points out that over 90% of the firearms brought to Project Appleseed -- a basic rifle skills training program -- are technically assault weapons.  That is, they are semiautomatic firearms with detachable magazines holding ten or more rounds.

Many of the rifles are .22 caliber rifles, firing a small and light cartridge suitable for target practice and not much else.  They are, nonetheless, assault weapons by the definition in Feinstein's proposed ban.  Other popular rifles are based on the AR-15 design, firing a larger and more powerful cartridge, but not firing it any faster than the smaller .22 rifles. 

Most importantly, despite being "assault weapons", they aren't being used to assault anyone.  Just like millions of other firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

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