Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee plans filibuster on guns

Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are threatening to filibuster gun-control legislation, according to a letter they plan to hand-deliver to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office on Tuesday.
What concerns me about this is that it seems to be only those three planning to filibuster.  It only takes one to filibuster (and 41 votes to sustain it), but still.

Don't forget to contact the Senators who are planning to filibuster and thank them.  They would rather hear from you than from a pissed-off Obama.

The article also mentions the vote count from Mike Lee's test measure I mentioned earlier:
Lee staged a test vote on the issue during consideration of the Senate budget last week. He tried to amend a point of order against gun control legislation to the budget but fell short. It needed a three-fifths supermajority and failed 50-49, needing 60 votes to pass. But the final tally emboldened Lee, Paul and Cruz because they were so close to a majority and a filibuster takes just 41 votes to sustain.
50 votes is enough to sustain a filibuster and stop gun control, although we can probably expect to lose a few to administration pressure on real votes -- particularly if they can say they voted against the actual gun control law and gloss over the filibuster vote.  It's promising that we have a reasonable margin for sustaining the filibuster, and we can remind Senators that we will be watching procedural votes carefully.

Katie Pavlich quotes from other reports, but contributes a list of vulnerable Democratic senators up for election in 2014.

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