Waiting periods for laws, not guns

After the state of New York passed its far-reaching and poorly thought out post-Newtown gun law with unseemly haste, I suggested that we might need a waiting period for laws more than for guns. After all, the idea behind waiting periods for guns was that people might get overexcited and do something rash, but would "cool off" if they had to wait a few days before getting their hands on a dangerous instrument. But laws are dangerous instruments, too, and legislators seem highly prone to sudden fits of hysteria.
The Instapundit pundits again!

Thomas Jefferson supported a mandatory period of one year between the introduction of a law and a final vote on its passage.  This idea didn't make it into the Constitution, but obviously should have,

To be honest I'd support a delay of longer than a year.  Make Congress stand for re-election before they can pass any new laws they propose.

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