Rosenstein ducks, dodges, and weaves

He spent most of his time saying he wasn't there personally and doesn't have any personal knowledge of anything, except he signed one of FISA warrants, so he is personally implicated (and thus conflicted as far as the Mueller matter is concerned).

He was involved. He is desperately playing defense. Hell, he won't even say whether he read the application he signed.

He does say, eventually, that the application he signed doesn't match what has been publicly reported. That's a massive allegation of lying by one or more of his subordinates if his characterization is accurate. Or, it could just be a claim that the application doesn't exactly match the media reports on any number of specious minor differences.

Even if he was lied to, however, his current objective is obvious: play for time and avoid saying anything he could be prosecuted for later. It won't be clear whether he succeeded until the coverup fails. If it fails.

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