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When I first saw that video, I suppose I believed, without really thinking about it, that anyone who saw it would be disgusted with Officer ?Roid Rage and want him out of law enforcement for the rest of his life, but now I know better. There are plenty of Americans, including most of those in the White House, who would see that vid and think; ?Yes! That?s how it?s done! Right on! We need more of this, please.? In other words; it?s obvious that some people see government (and law enforcement) as an outlet for their anger. They typically won?t come right out and support such things openly of course. At least not most of the time? not in public. Most haters are chameleons.
This is what the whole "gun bigots" thing is about.  But it's not even exactly about bigotry.  The thought process is similar... some people come by their anti-gun feelings honestly, because they had some horrible event in their lives that hurt or killed a loved one and their brain wiring misfired somehow and they blamed the gun rather than the person.  (This is probably easier to do when the killer is insane; then he's not responsible, so the grief and anger need an outlet).

But there are a lot of people who aren't driven by personal grief into irrational behavior.  For these people, it's not about the gun.  It's about a status marker.  It's about a cultural environment where no one has a gun (or at least never talks about it), no one needs a gun (until they do, and then they don't talk about it), and no one wants a gun.  

It's a culture where the high status people all say "Guns are bad, mmmkay" and coordinate their disparaging looks.  Why do they do this?  The same reason religious folks talk about God all the time, or say that Jesus saves them; the same reason clubs have secret handshakes.

It's a trust cue.  (Google it).

They say that to each other to reinforce their feelings of superiority at being part of the "in" group and being better than the "out" group.  They say it to find other members of their in group so they can support them, and to identify objectors ("not my group") and oppose them.  The existence of someone lower on the pecking order than they are is comforting, and they abuse us (in their minds, and when they have the power, with the law) in order to reinforce that pecking order to them, to us, and to the audience.

That's why it doesn't *matter* that the laws don't make sense.  It doesn't matter that they won't work at the professed goals.  What matters is the pecking order.  Their group is in power.  Their group can abuse groups below their group.  Whether it's politicians passing gun control laws, or abusive policemen ranting at someone who gave them a moment's fright; it all boils down to the same thing.  It's a status display.  

The audience sees this, knows it, learns from the results which group is right.  It's nothing more than the alpha bitch baring her teeth and growling at us.  She doesn't want to ban guns.  She wants us to submit, to roll over and show our throat and our belly.  She wants submission.  She wants to be acknowledged as higher status than us.  

But you know what makes them come after us again and again?  What really pisses them off?  What keeps this issue coming back over and over again when any other political issue would be debated, legislated, victory won or lost and then forgotten?

We fight back.  We refuse to submit.  We refuse to show our belly.  We refuse to show submission.  We will not surrender.  We will not submit.  Maybe we lose, and retreat to lick our wounds, but we come back later even stronger than before, and every time that alpha bitch looks away from her nice, comfy top of the pack status, we're there to steal her food and challenge all over again.

It's all a status display, and we will not submit.

That's why they are gun bigots.  Bigotry is the ultimate status display.

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