Coburn on background checks

A Senate aide familiar with the process said Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace erred in the question he posed to Coburn. The aides said there is no discussion of allowing the federal government to keep any records of background checks or sales, something that is already illegal and would not change. What is being proposed is having the seller retain a record of a private sale, just as a dealer does now for a sale that happens at a licensed gun store, the aide said.
The problem with this is simple: suppose you sell a gun in a private sale, and 10 years later, that gun is used in a crime and the police knock on your door and ask if it's yours.  You tell them you sold the gun 10 years ago.  They say, "Prove it, or go to jail." 

The government has no records of the transfer, since they aren't allowed to keep them. 

Will you still have that record in 10 years, or however long it takes?  No?  Go to jail.

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