Randy Barnett on the Second Amendment

Two programs, one an hour long with another guest and the other 20 minutes long (within a longer program).  He does a good job, but so does the opposition.

I noted a couple very interesting questions from callers.
  1. One caller asked about the myths spread by Belleseilles' Arming America.  Randy pointed out correctly that the research was fraudulent, but that there are people who heard and believed the original claim and did not hear that the research was fraudulent is interesting.
  2. Another caller asked whether giving up the right to arms for the 99% would make it harder to later regain that right from the 1%.  It's interesting because it's a right to arms from a left-wing perspective.
  3. A third caller pointed out that within living memory, people used their right to arms to defend against their state government calling out the police and national guard to put down labor union strikes.  Again, an argument for the right to arms from the left.

The second amendment protects more than just Republicans.  It is a civil rights issue for everyone.

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