Obama has unleashed forces that he cannot control

No matter what we do, people will not be happy with the outcome, and many of them will vent their frustration in the voting booth and possibly on the streets.  This is the point: a perfect storm is brewing. I think we're heading for a chaotic and violent period in this country the likes of which no one alive today has ever witnessed.
I can't argue with this.  We're headed for a financial collapse and social unrest on a dramatic and possibly violent scale. Read the whole thing.

Don't get me wrong.  Obama was not the one who set all of this in motion.  The blame for that goes to decades of entitlements and deficit spending.  Obama's presidency represented our last opportunity to change course and avoid disaster.  Instead, he has accelerated towards disaster, unleashing the printing presses at the Treasury to buy votes on an unprecedented scale.  We are already seeing inflation that the official government statistics seek to hide from us.  Hyperinflation looms.

I do not know how this will end.

But I know it will end.

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