Trump to push for wall funding close to midterms

Washington ExaminerPresident Trump will launch a full-court press for tougher immigration laws and generous wall funding this summer as Capitol Hill braces for a budget battle in September, sources with knowledge of his plans told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, as the president teased the strategy in a meeting with congressional appropriators.

That meeting occurred just hours after the Supreme Court dealt the Trump administration a major victory by upholding the president’s travel ban on a handful of Muslim-majority countries. A White House official described Trump as jubilant and encouraged by the news, adding that he will “continue pushing for stringent immigration laws that protect Americans and put our own citizens first.”

The timing will be interesting. During budget legislation panic time, before the midterms but after the primaries. Dems will be safe from their radical left wing base and might be more open to compromise before facing the Trump electorate, especially the many Senators in vulnerable seats. The Republican establishment will be eager to feed at the trough, and a limited DACA amnesty combined with funding for the wall might be a workable thing to sell to their donors, especially in the context of the other goodies Trump can veto repeatedly until they fund his wall.

It will be a time of maximum pressure.

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