Transgender bathroom policies lead to child rape

Conservative TreehouseThis horrific story is grotesque and enraging. A 14 year-old student was raped and sodomized by a teenage sexual predator in Virginia on May 28th. The school never called the police and apparently wanted to keep the incident covered up because the rapist identifies as a transgender student.

The predator used the transgender bathroom policies of the Loudoun County school system to gain access to the girls bathroom, where he raped and sodomized the victim.

When the father Mr. Scott Smith went to confront the school board in June, he was arrested. [CTH Covered the School Board Meeting HERE] The National School Board Association later used the incident of Mr. Smith’s arrest to label the victim’s father as a “domestic terrorist” in their demand letter to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Virginia police and county prosecutors told Mr. Smith to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, the rapist was transferred to another school where he sexually assaulted another teenage girl last week. Only after the second rape did the issue start to become public as the father of the first victim would no longer stay quiet.

There's an election going on in Virginia right now where you can fix this. Remove McAuliffe, famous for pardoning felons in a Democratic get-the-felon-vote-out-of-jail effort and "donating" hundreds of thousands to dollars to Andy McCabe's wife's political campaign, and replace him with a governor who doesn't want little girls being raped in bathrooms by boys in skirts.

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