Youtube to censor disagreement with global warming

Conservative TreehouseComrade rebels, the Ministry of Truth is here to guide you in your correct thoughts. Google, the world’s largest internet search engine and owner of the YouTube platform, has announced their intent to demonetize any content providers who challenge scientific consensus on climate change and global warming.

According to CBS, any person who advances a “prohibited claim” will have ads on their their content removed.

Here's the thing. It applies equally to climate change, vaccines, COVID origins, and any other topic that the establishment is desperate to convince us about.

You can't convince people of anything through censorship.

Yes, you can deny them coherent arguments from data, you can make them shut up by threatening their jobs, their ability to go out in public, even their lives.

But you can't actually *convince* anyone so long as they can see the censorship.

The people doing this are smart enough to realize that, which tells me they are ready and willing to move to the full totalitarian dictatorship, where the goal isn't to convince anyone of everything but just to make all the opposition shut up or else.

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