A motive for Rice's stand down order

Front Page MagThere was no reason to interfere with the Russian interference. Obama and his people did not believe that the Russians would significantly affect the election. But if his efforts to eavesdrop on Trump officials came to light, the Russians had provided him with an alibi. Susan Rice, as national security adviser, was at the center of the eavesdropping effort and had every reason to protect the Russian operation.

Protecting the Russians also protected the Obamas.

That's part of it, I'm sure. The Russian attempts at interference were both alibi and excuse.

It would, I think, be quite instructive for someone at CIA, NSA, or FBI to look into what the Russians tried during past elections. Were their efforts new or something they had attempted in the past? Did they try harder than before, or less hard?

I suspect the Russians treat interfering in the US elections as a hobby, and probably have done it every 2 or 4 years, regular as clockwork, and I doubt the last election was anything special. Except, well, they had Clinton who was willing and eager to pay them for lies about Trump, and Obama, who needed an excuse to spy on Trump.

I suspect the only unusual thing about 2016 was that they had an American candidate and an American administration willing to play along.

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