Powell to depose Dominion representative in defamation case

Gateway PunditAttorney Sidney Powell announced during a recent interview that her legal team will depose Dominion’s Eric Coomer for questioning later today.

Coomer has sued several Trump supporters, media outlets and media personalities following the 2020 presidential election, including The Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoft.

The catch is that she is deposing them as part of her defense against charges of defamation. I wouldn't expect any big revelations here.

Honestly I'm not sure what I think of Powell at this point. Her defense of Flynn was legit and laudatory. I gave her some credibility on the "Kraken" accusations because of that association, but it looks like she has dropped those (perhaps due to the sourcing coming from a known fraudster) and focused instead on accusing Dominion of things (which drew their defamation suit in response). I have no information about whether her Dominion accusations are accurate, but I have a hunch her inside source pushing the more sensational claims was just as much a fraudster as the Kraken guy.

The leaves Dominion as a company with a flawed and insecure product that was used to run many elections where accusations of fraud have been made. What their involvement in that fraud was, if any, remains to be determined.

I wouldn't count Powell out yet, but she has definitely made some missteps. It will be interesting to see what comes out of her defense against the defamation charge. If she actually has anything credible, it should show up eventually.

UPDATE: Perhaps I spoke too soon. The judge sealed the deposition sua sponte (on her own initiative)

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