AZ election audit conclusions

Dr Shiva:
17K mail-in ballots with issues (duplicates, no signatures, etc), with escalating numbers of issues after the official election day. The escalating issues indicate a wave of fraud as the election day totals were known and fraud actors had to backfill in a hurry.

Another roughly 40k questionable ballots

Ben Cotton:
Security logs intentionally deleted with suspicious timing
Hundreds of thousands of files deleted
SQL logs indicate general election results purged from the database the day before the audit
Ballot images corrupt or missing
Remote access and terminal access are enabled
Anomalous port listening activity
Significant internet history in deleted files, also the day before the audit
Some bad actors in deletion of records identified from video

Ben Cotton conclusion:
The election was not secure. No accountability; a failed audit.

57k ballots total with known issues.

Statutes were broken.

AZ AG will investigate.

"Based on the audit the results of the 2020 election in Arizona should never have been certified."

Inescapable conclusion (mine): The election was stolen and the evidence covered up before the audits took place. The huge deletions the day before the audits screams cover up. If I had to guess, and I do have to guess, I would guess that the election was reported with some number of suspicious ballot images that didn't actually exist; when the audits were actually going to happen, more ballots were printed, matching images added to the system, and the prior invalid ballot images removed. That makes the counts roughly match the reported counts, but the overall result is still fraudulent. This process has not yet begun to seriously identify fake ballots.

Still pending: full details of the paper analysis, a voter canvass to verify addresses, investigation of the routers and network traffic.

Some people were clearly expecting more than this. I suspect those people failed to understand exactly what has and has not been completed for this audit. Yes, they counted the paper ballots they were given, and the count matched the official ones reasonably closely. But in the process they identified tens of thousands of ballots that are, at best, questionable; more than 5x the margin of victory for Biden. And the major efforts that would identify illegal ballots are still pending. The unofficial voter canvass already turned up hundreds of thousands of potential illegal or missing ballots. The paper analysis might or might not turn up anything (in the absence of official single standard ballot paper, it's a difficult process to use to rule out ballots). And in addition to the 60k likely illegal ballots, they uncovered clear evidence of records deletion and attempts at covering up something.

Short of a finding that the machines had literally counted ballots that didn't physically exist, this is the best we can reasonably expect. What we appear to have seen is a frantic effort to cover up election records before the audit, frantic efforts to backfill paper ballots after election day (with missing signatures, duplicate votes, pre-printed approval stamps) to make up the numbers, and more than enough questionable ballots to swing the election.

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