New York firing healthcare workers who won't take the vaccine

Conservative TreehouseThe deadline for New York healthcare workers to take the mandatory COVID-19 “vaccine” is Monday. A significant number of nurses, healthcare workers and those who work within the entire system of healthcare will be leaving the medical industry as a result.

While the potential vacancy rate for healthcare workers is yet undetermined -they have to wait to see how many actually leave- New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced earlier today that foreign workers will be hired to replace the U.S. workers who refuse the vaccine.

In a semi-related note, controversial New York Health Commissioner Harold Zucker -a former defender of Andrew Cuomo- announced his resignation a few hours before Governor Hochul made the announcement about replacing missing NY healthcare staff with foreign workers.

Remember this when they tell you the hospitals are stressed with COVID patients.

And ask yourself why so many healthcare workers aren't interested in taking it, to the point of losing their jobs.

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