Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is anti-gun

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is Anti-Gun.
Florida U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson has called for any new gun control laws to include a ban on assault weapons, and he has at least one supporter from the local law enforcement community.  Nelson said as an avid hunter, he owns several guns, himself, but would support a ban on assault weapons. He also said he wants to see universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazine clips.  He said magazine clips found in the hands of criminals in Orange County were more than double what deputies carry.
He wants the full trifecta: assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and a magazine ban.  He uses the "police are outgunned on the streets" lie and, of course, claims to be a gun owner himself. 

If you're in Florida, tell him what you think of his anti-gun positions.  Politely, of course.

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