Hospital closures already starting because of vaccine mandate

Just The NewsThe CEO of a hospital in Texas is cautioning that his facility is facing possible closure following President Biden's announcement last week that healthcare workers will be required to receive the Covid-19 vaccination.

If the mandate takes effect, the Brownfield Regional Medical Center will likely lose 20-25% of its staff, according to CEO Jerry Jasper. Without those employees, the hospital will likely shut down.

Already in upstate New York, an official for one hospital said the facility is going to have to close down its maternity unit for the time being because so many employees resigned over former Governor Andrew Cuomo's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. The mandate was temporarily halted on Tuesday by a federal judge in New York.

Democrats really do have trouble predicting the second and third order consequences of their stupid policy ideas. Mandate vaccines for everyone, especially people working in health care, to keep the hospitals operating rather than overflowing from COVID? Great! But now it's uh-oh they don't want the vaccines so much they their jobs in healthcare, and the hospitals have to shut down.

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