New "compromise" election bill is still a fraud-enabling takeover of elections

ABC NewsSenate Democrats on Tuesday introduced their latest version of a sweeping election reform bill to counter the record-number of voting restrictions that have passed in GOP-led states, which they say make it harder for minorities and low-income Americans to cast a ballot.

The modified bill, now known as The Freedom to Vote Act, is a compromise after the previous For The People Act failed to pass in the Senate last June.

Significantly, the new bill was crafted by a group that included moderate Sen Joe Manchin, a key swing vote, after he opposed an earlier version of the legislation charging that it was too broad and lacked bipartisan support.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., promised a vote on the bill next week, most likely a procedural vote to break an expected GOP filibuster.

Schumer calls it a compromise, Manchin is involved, and McConnell is talking tough but doesn't have the votes to block it if Manchin is onboard and the filibuster is not in play. The legislation would require mail-in voting upon request (which, by itself, will enable massive fraud). This is simply a very slightly watered down takeover attempt and needs to be blocked. But can we block it and preserve honest elections run by the state legislatures?

The Dems are terrified that their fraud is going to be exposed, and this is their solution.

It must not pass.

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