Biden's vaccine mandate

It appears Biden has chosen to declare war on the 80 million Americans who have so far refused to take the COVID vaccine. He has done this by issuing an unconstitutional and unethical mandate requiring almost every worker in the United States to take the vaccine or be fired. This will undoubtedly be followed by continuing requirements to take booster shots for new variants on a regular basis, although whether those boosters will be effective against new variants is open to doubt and will likely remain untested.

Oh, and OSHA won't track negative health outcomes from these vaccines that are mandated by employers so there is no corporate liability. And if the vaccines don't work, your doctor isn't allowed to tell you on pain of losing his license to practice medicine. Things that work don't need lies.

More importantly, by issuing this decree seeking to force human beings into unwanted experimental medical treatments, Biden has demonstrated his lack of regard for basic human rights and the principles of a constitutional republic. He has also demonstrated that the promises his administration makes cannot be trusted, although that matter was already settled by the debacle in Afghanistan.

Americans will not accept this without a fight. Many states have already vowed to fight the mandate. Lawyers are willing to take on individual cases.

The left has responded by saying Biden has not gone far enough and putting the capital city under military lockdown again. They want to make the vaccine mandatory for travel. Internal passports, you may remember, are practically a trademark of totalitarian states. I'm not aware of any prior totalitarian states requiring an internal passport to eat at a restaurant or go to a concert, but denying medical care to the unpersoned scapegoats has a long history too.

Meanwhile, there is no vaccine requirement for illegal aliens and refugees. Or the Post Office. Or Congress.

In the face of such huge exceptions, it is clear that public health is not the driving factor. The true motive may simply be to create a media furor to distract from Afghanistan and the Arizona canvas results.

However, I find the scenario at Bayou Renaissance Man more plausible: It's a way of punishing political opponents. With this decree, assuming it is enforced, everyone who refuses the vaccine (and thus declares themselves in opposition to the Biden agenda) will become effectively unemployable. It will wreck financial devastation and prevent all that money from going into the 2022 midterms, and quite possibly last until 2024. Further, all of the non-partisan government employees who might not want a vaccine and might support Trump -- things Biden clearly thinks are linked -- will be forced out of their government jobs, and thus prevented from sabotaging Biden the way Obama's civil service people sabotaged Trump. This same purge will apply to the military as well, no doubt.

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