Australia is going to totalitarian hell pretty fast

Don SurberA reader wrote, "Don, I spoke with a buddy of mine in Melbourne on Sunday. Much worse than being reported in Victoria.

"He cannot go to work without a written consent to travel. If he does not have it on him A$10,000 fine.

"9.30 pm curfew for everyone. Similar fines for breaking.

"Pubs and restaurants all shut as you cannot visit. Businesses collapsing.

"They have vehicle registration plate recognition through out Aussie. State Police have scanners in their vehicles and if they pick up driving past someone who is not from that area they stop them and fine them.

"Suicides are up massively as are drug issues.

"He is now on 4 day week and that is pretty common. Many on 3 days.

"His son recently bought a home some distance from him and is on his own, a virtual prisoner in his own home as he cannot go anywhere and is going out of his mind as it has been months like that.

"He is trying to work out how to smuggle him across to stay with him and his wife. Isn’t that nuts!!

"Apparently the premier is an ex school teacher with no real life experience (with all due respect to teachers) and the talk on the streets is that the vast majority would prefer he no longer existed.

"And they confiscated all their weapons as you know.

"The ultimate police state and as I said to him who could have imagined Aussie plummeting to those depths in such a short period of time. It was one of the best places to emigrate to from SA for years and years.

"Think they won’t try that here?"

I've seen it argued that Australia and New Zealand are test beds for policies to control the populace. That seems more and more likely to be exactly what is going on.

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