Australia goes to hell

Bayou Renaissance ManFor a great free democracy, Australia has sunk so far into the depths that one has to wonder whether freedom and democracy have any place in its future at all.

We should take note of what's happening in Australia, because the progressive left would love to make similar things happen over here. There's nothing they would like more than to turn America into a statist's wet dream, an Orwellian society in which everything is controlled, residents can do only what is explicitly permitted, and anything not explicitly permitted is automatically forbidden.

Conservative TreehousePeople wonder why they should be paying attention to what happens in Australia. Well, quite simply, if you can identify where the test facility is for technology to merge with totalitarian objectives, it becomes valuable to follow what they do – and then predict what the future might look like for you. Australia and New Zealand are testing the parameters of merging the objectives of the control state with technology and citizen compliance.

Bayou Renaissance ManSpecifically, the proposed fiscal 2022 budget would require banks and other financial institutions to report to the IRS on the deposits and withdrawals of all business and personal accounts with a balance of more than $600.

So, in other words, they want to know where you are at all times, and force you to do check-ins on demand, and know every single financial transaction you make in your whole life. It was barely a decade ago that Obama used the IRS to target his political opponents, and with his team in Biden's Whitehouse, it will happen all over again -- only infinitely worse.

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