The FBI's lies about Seth Rich have been exposed

UncoverDCWe reported in July on documents hosted at the FBI records vault related to murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. The release followed attorney Ty Clevenger’s lawsuit after his client’s FOIA request had been denied. Here we examine these documents in detail.

The 142 pages are hosted within two PDFs that we’ve combined here (page numbers throughout this article correspond with that upload). Pages 86-142 are the newly released documents the FBI found to be related to Seth Rich. Some of these are identical, or nearly identical, to documents previously available in the public domain, while some reveal information that we had not yet seen.

Mainly, the lie that they weren't interested in him. Why, exactly, they felt the need to lie about that so much is still unanswered. The answer is likely redacted... but there's really only one thing the FBI would be interested in covering up about Seth.

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