Dekalb County ballot chain of custody problems

PJMediaBased on their analysis, 28,194 absentee ballots (46 percent) “were not documented as being received by the elections registrar or the director’s designee until the day after they were collected from the drop box.”

Another 15,713 ballots (26 percent) had “no receipt time recorded at all by the elections office.”

All 43,907 of these ballots “were counted in the certified results of the November 3, 2020 election despite being delivered to the registrar’s office in clear violation of the chain of custody documentation of the Georgia State Election Board’s July 2020 rule,” explains the Georgia Star News.

So in other words, in this county in GA, about 44K ballots in drop-boxes were collected and held overnight before being turned in the next day to be counted. That kind of delay screams shenanigans. It wouldn't take more than an hour or two to drive ballots from the dropbox locations to their counting locations. But instead they were held overnight.

And with a victory margin in the state for Biden being 12,000 votes, those 15,713 ballots without any receipt time recorded at all seems very suspicious indeed.

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