There's a lot waiting on the Maricopa County audit

Deep CaptureThe Maricopa Audit will be delivered. I truly have been kept in the dark about as much of it as they could, but I have heard enough to suspect it is not the proverbial “clean bill of health”.
If the Maricopa Audit comes out “clean bill of health” then I will walk away. Since November 10 or so I have been saying that the only way to resolve things was to open the ballot boxes in six counties. Since then, there is one place that happened: Maricopa. If it is a dry hole, it is a dry hole.
However, if the Maricopa Audit comes out documenting fraud on a scale that could only have occurred thanks to a scheme worthy of a heist movie, then it will trigger forensic audits in somewhere between 13-20 states...

This is pretty much where I am at. (Well, I think 13-20 states is a pipe dream, but we may get the important 6 plus a few others). The path to a peaceful resolution is an audit, which either proves or disproves systemic fraud. If there's no fraud we go home. If there is, we address it in 2022 and 2024 with state legislatures passing election security legislation.

If fraud is demonstrated and then not properly addressed (and the 2022, 2024 votes ALSO audited to verify much reduced fraud)... that becomes a problem for which I do not currently have a solution.

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