McCain-Feingold struck down in Citizens United

The Supreme Court has issued a decision striking down the vast majority of the Campaign Finance Reform Act, normally termed McCain-Feingold for its two primary authors.  This is a good decision that restores the right to free political speech.  But our politicians are already promising to ensure that new restrictions on political speech are enacted.  Why can't we have politicians who respect free speech and seek to advance it, rather than pass laws that are offensive to the Constitution and the First Amendment?

It's worth noting that the decision was 5-4.  The 4 dissenting votes came from the so-called liberal wing of the court.  It used to be that the rule of thumb was "vote Republican for economic freedom, and Democrat for social freedom."  That's clearly changed.  The new rule seems to be, "vote Democrat for tyranny now, vote Republican for slightly less tyranny."  But occasionally they do get it right.

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