The Knife Ban is coming...

... possibly because Obama has been frustrated in his desire to ban guns.  From the Volokh Conspiracy:
Under the 1958 federal Switchblade Act, switchblade knives are not importable into the United States, and may not be shipped across state lines. On May 21, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) proposed the revocation of four previous Ruling Letters; the effect would be a drastic expansion of the definition of non-importable knives. The organization KnifeRights warns that revocations would outlaw approximately 80 percent of the current market in knives.
The 2nd Amendment doesn't say firearms... it just says arms.  To me, that means knives are included.  So far we have been lucky in that attempts at regulation have mostly been aimed at firearms, but if this rule change slips through the back door, that will no longer be true. 

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