Controlling the terms of the debate

It used to be that the anti-gun crowd could change the terms of the debate about guns at will.  First it was "Saturday Night Specials", then "Assault Weapons", and so on... but today, in an article about a college denying free speech rights to a gun rights advocate, I saw this:
Opponents of concealed carry say there are relatively few students who are behind the movement. "What we're hearing is that they do not want guns on campus," said Chad Ramsey, spokesman for the Brady Campaign, a gun control advocate in Washington. "There is a smattering of Second Amendment activists out there. But I don't think there is a major grassroots effort among students -- I think most students have been advocating the other side of the fence."
Yes, that's a Brady Campaign spokesman referring to gun rights advocates as "Second Amendment activists" rather than "NRA shills" or "gun nuts" or "right-wing extremists." 

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