I've warned about the privacy risks in traffic cameras of various sorts before.  Now, the Texas Senate has demonstrated that I was right all along to fear that traffic cameras will be used by the government to prosecute people for... well... anything that they can make stick.
The Senate's surveillance camera proposal promises taxpayer funds to the same private companies that operate photo radar and red light camera systems threatened by the House bill. License plate readers use the same basic technology as automated ticketing machines. Instead of tracking, for example, only those who exceed a certain speed threshold, the plate readers will store a video image of the front passenger compartment and rear license plate of every single passing vehicle. Optical character recognition software identifies the registered vehicle owner and allows for easy indexing of the time and location of travel for each person identified using the highway.
No longer are your personal travels private without the police dedicating a 24-hour surveillance team.  Soon, where you've been and when you were there can be found with a simple database query.  

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