What should we do about Sotomayor?

Should "we" -- meaning gun rights folks and libertarians -- try to block her confirmation?  I blogged earlier:
On the other hand I don't see anyone characterizing this as a disaster.  Obama won the election, so he gets to nominate his picks, and she seems to be at least minimally qualified.  She will be replacing a liberal, albeit one appointed by a Republican president.  No net change on votes, particularly on Heller (Souter was one of the four votes against the 2nd Amendment there).
That doesn't mean it's not worth fighting, especially as aggressive questioning will help reveal exactly what sort of judge Obama has picked.  I've heard several reports over the past day or so that seem to me to be grounds for concern over and above those already expressed.
These things plus what we already know about her view of the 2nd Amendment and several controversial lines from speeches.  As I've said, I don't like her on the Supreme Court, but then I didn't expect to like it.  There's some inherent risk here, in that Obama could well nominate someone worse if this nominee is blocked, and even managing that much is unlikely -- Obama has 60 votes in the Senate, remember.

So, here's what I think we should do:
We're not likely to stop her, but we can make it clear what her positions are, especially her position on the 2nd Amendment -- which is out of step with something like 80% of the population.

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