FIRE has another case of speech suppression

See the FIRE post for more details.  Here's the gist:

CCAC also told Brashier that the college must pre-approve any distribution of literature to fellow students, and that pamphlets like hers would not be approved, even insisting that Brashier destroy all copies of her pamphlet.

Brashier reports that she was also interrogated about why she was distributing the pamphlets, whether she owned a licensed firearm and had ever brought it to campus (she has not), whether she carries a concealed firearm off campus, and whether she disagrees with the existing college policy banning concealed weapons on campus.

When Brashier stated that she wanted to be able to discuss this policy freely on campus, she was told to stop doing so without the permission of the CCAC administration. Dean Burns reportedly said, "You may want to discuss this topic but the college does not, and you cannot make us." Brashier was then told to cease all activities related to her involvement with SCCC at CCAC and that such "academic misconduct" would not be tolerated.

Is it even possible to make more mistakes than this school did?  The First Amendment prohibits content-based speech restrictions and prior restraint on speech.  The 2nd protects the right to own a firearm, the 5th protects the student from answering questions that might incriminate her (since concealed carry on campus is presumably not allowed by law in PA), the 4th protects the student from having her property destroyed, and as an educational institution that presumably accepts state and federal money, the school is bound by those limitations. 

The threat of using political speech activity as "academic misconduct" is just icing on the cake. 

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