Arguing from ignorance...

I ran across this press release purporting to be a news article.  It claims that the Texas "concealed carry on campus" legislation will "force" concealed guns on campus.  It also quotes a student at Virginia Tech who knew one of the victims (now a graduate student at University of Texas):
The fact that the state senate refused to accept an amendment keeping guns out of campus bars and hospitals shows that this bill is ideologically motivated and has little to do with student safety and campus security."
For your information, Mr. Woods, the concealed carry law in Texas already forbids carry in bars.  And if a hospital wishes to prevent individuals from carrying a firearm on their premises, they are certainly capable of posting the standard 30.06 sign like everyone else.

I'm prepared to forgive a little ignorance on the part of the general public, but journalists should know what they are talking about... as should those who hold advocacy positions in special interest groups like the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus and the  Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  But then, the anti-gun bigots have long used ignorance and prejudice as their tools in advancing an agenda that condemns women and minorities to suffer victimization at the hands of those who are stronger or more numerous.

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