Homeland Security report to be investigated...

I see two possibilities here.  First, the Democrats agreed to this investigation because they are confident they can arrange for it to produce nothing useful; or, alternatively, they are offering the authors of the report a public platform to justify their suspicions with data.  While the original report was clearly unsupported and unjustified in its guilt-by-political-opinion methodology, it's easy for the government officials in Homeland Security to come up with examples of so-called "conservative" or "right-wing" groups that are, in fact, racists or terrorist threats.  It won't matter that ordinary, law-abiding, peaceful folks are being tarred by these labels; all the officials need do is point to some specific examples and say, "See?  We were talking about these guys all along."  They will get a slap on the wrist, and the public will get weeks or months of guilt-by-implied-association... which, ironically enough, was the whole point of the original report.

Put bluntly, after the report is withdrawn, I don't see any positive outcome for investigating how or why it was released. 

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