Another Mexican Gun Show...

... only this one is a "show" in the sense of being staged.  There's a ".50-caliber anti-aircraft machinegun platform" that is really an aluminum museum replica with an inaccurate, semiautomatic conversion of the BMG; there's a single young female "guard" who was arrested at the time of the seizure but not yet to be charged with anything.A former BATFE agent offers the following anonymous commentary:
The former agent says it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Mexican government staged the gun bust, or at least hyped the press conference, using previously seized weapons in order to bolster its chances of securing additional aid from the U.S. government to help continue its escalation of the drug war. The former agent adds that he is suspicious of all the coincidences surrounding the weapons seizure ? including the fact that the guns were found by accident during a routine patrol, at least one of the guns was a replica, and one of the gun platforms was nothing more than an aluminum prop.

?It?s happened before,? the former agent says. ?You bring in some dope or guns from the [police] warehouse as props. It?s a big game.?
A big game indeed: one that nets Mexican government officials more foreign aid from the US, and feeds Obama's desire for a casus belli on gun control.

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