Ending the ban on concealed carry in Texas public universities

From the Austin American Statesman, one of the more liberal papers in Texas:

It is tempting to think that banning guns from a geographical area might make that area safe, but the problem is who obeys the law.

Experience shows that those who are intent on causing harm ignore the ban.

The result is that we have created a zone where killers feel safe.

The Texas House of Representatives has wisely passed out of committee a bill to allow permitted concealed handguns on public college campuses and give private ones the option to do the same. Gov. Rick Perry has said that he supports the general principle.
This isn't likely to pass without a lot of screaming and wailing from the education lobby -- but it should pass, and there is reason to hope that it will.  After all, we are talking about Texas.  The fact is, there is solid statistical data indicating that concealed carry licensees are honest, law-abiding folks not brutal killers.  Having more honest, law-abiding folks in position to stop brutal killers is undeniably a good thing.  It just does not make sense to cordon off a section of land otherwise open to the public and declare it a free-fire zone where criminals are certain not to encounter any opposition.

I got the word from John Lott.

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