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Tam says:
Y'know, there are times that I think that whole Age of Reason/Enlightenment and the silly individual rights thing it spun off was a fluke.
Individual rights *are* a fluke. America is a fluke. North America was populated by exceptional men and women, people who fled oppression in their home countries and risked everything they had in return for the hope of living in greater freedom on their own merits, leaving their support structures -- both personal and governmental -- as far behind as possible.

That paid off in the American Revolution, when Americans beat back the forces of repression and claimed the right to govern themselves -- and that as little as possible.

But since then?

We're no longer a frontier nation. People no longer have to self-select to come to America. People are born here and receive freedom as a gift from their forefathers, sometimes reverently but more and more often as that old sweater that doesn't quite fit and hangs in the closet feeding moths.

Is it any wonder that freedom slowly dies, and that Americans gradually regress closer and closer to the complacent statism that is so typical of the rest of the world?

Our culture is more free, and we started from a position of smaller government. We have a ways yet to go, but the direction is clear.

We need a new frontier. We need self-supporting colonies on the Moon, on Mars, in the middle of the oceans, where ever we can put them. Freedom lives on the edge of civilization, not the center of it.

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