Why can't students say "guns" in school?

Check out this fairly interesting examination of schools stifling the First Amendment rights of gun owners, by suppressing speech about guns even when no threats and no actual guns were involved.  It really is a case of thought police. 

There's also a theme to these incidents that runs a little deeper.  Gun bigots have managed to get mental illness defined as a reason to prevent someone from legally buying or possessing a firearm.  On its face, this is reasonable; people with serious mental disorders aren't capable of handling firearms safely.  The problem is that the left, mostly composed of gun bigots, mostly control the definition of mental illness according to their own prejudices and belief sets. 

If we allow them to control that definition, it won't be long before wanting to own a gun or being willing to kill to protect your own life (or the life of a loved one) is viewed as a disqualifying mental illness.  It's a classic catch-22: wanting to own a gun means you are insane, and insane people can't own guns.  But you can have a gun if you don't want one.

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