Ammunition purchase sparks Homeland Security visit

It's anecdotal, for now, but it won't necessarily stay that way:

West said a customer of his recently stocked up on .223-caliber rounds, a caliber often used in assault-style weapons. The customer bought 1,000 rounds a few months ago through a mail order company.

Shortly after the purchase, he received a visit from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, whose interest was apparently piqued by a large-scale purchase of that caliber.

"His wife was home. He was at church," West said.

I don't know how Homeland Security would even find out about that, much less want to conduct a home visit purely as the result of an ammunition purchase.  However, the detail about the individual being at church while his wife spoke to the investigators is one of those little tidbits that hints that the story may have a factual basis.  After all, if you're just telling a story, why not talk to the investigators yourself?

It's possible they were already watching this individual for some other reason, but that doesn't necessarily help -- given the report that was recently issued from that agency, they might have been watching the guy because he's a recently returned veteran, or because he opposes gun control.

I guess we'll find out soon enough; I've ordered 800 rounds of .308 recently (for completely lawful purposes of course) and I'm not exactly friendly to the current administration.  They haven't visited me... yet.

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